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Motorcycle riding is enjoyed by many people throughout the world. However, maintaining and owning a motorcycle can be costly. For those who need to get a motorcycle loan with bad credit in order to keep their favorite ride, a few basic steps can have a big impact and help cash-strapped cyclists to find personal finance solutions.

Increasing Your Chances of Getting the Loan

1. Talk with your dealer. Not all dealers are as accommodating to low or poor credit scores. You will need to find a dealer that is willing to work with your credit to get you the loan that you want. Some dealers specialize in this and have unique relationships with lenders that are ready to work with you.[1][2]
You will need to speak with the dealer’s finance team or department directly to learn if they can help you.
Inform them clearly of your situation. You won’t get an accurate picture of how likely you are to be financed if you don’t convey your exact credit situation to your dealers finance team.
You may not need to submit an application for financing to learn if you will get the loan or not. A capable finance manager should be able to tell you how likely you are to receive the loan when you do actually apply.

2. Find the right lender. It may be tempting to apply wherever you can in an attempt to successfully get your application accepted. However, applying to many lenders at once can actually hurt your credit score further. You should also know that not all lenders are ideal for a motorcycle loan.[3]
Apply only to lenders that specialize in personal loans[4] or in motorcycle loans.
Look for key terms such as bad credit, poor credit, no credit, motorcycle financing, or after bankruptcy loans. Remember, though, that bankruptcy will typically not be a factor if it has been discharged for two or more years.
Loans made to people with bad credit may have higher interest rates. Be fully aware of the conditions of your loan before accepting.[5]

3. Inform your lender if you have a co-signer. A co-signer to a loan is another person that promises to take on payments if you are unable. If your co-signer has a better credit score than you, this can help you to obtain the loan you are seeking.[6][7]

Your co-signer should have excellent credit.
Having a co-signer helps assure your lender that they are more likely to receive their payments.

4. Demonstrate your payments on a previous motorcycle. If you have made payments on another motorcycle, you can demonstrate your consistency on those payments. Despite your low credit score, by showing your previous motorcycle payments were always met on time, you increase the likelihood that you will receive the loan.[8]

5. Make a larger down payment. Try to save up as much money as you can, without a loan, for a down payment. By placing a larger amount of money down on your motorcycle upfront, you show that you are serious about this investment. Lenders will view larger down payments in your favor.[9]
By paying off a majority of the cost, you will also save money on interest when you do take out a loan.

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